Investing in You


Enterprise Group PLC partnered with Zinnia to bring you Enterprise Advantage Points.

Enterprise Advantage Points is a free program for learning to manage your money, improve your health, and find more peace of mind. 

Inside the Enterprise Advantage Points Experience

"If you ever knew how therapeutic these sessions are for me, they have caused me to pause and assess my financial position, make goals and work to fulfill them. I have begun to look forward to receiving the emails."  ~Well-being Program Member



Enterprise Advantage Points is a free program designed to help you stay happy, healthy, and wealthy. Use it to learn about financial planning—or getting fit. 



Enterprise Advantage Points is educational, entertaining and fun for all. Whether you want to read the classes and quick reads or connect a fitness tracker, you will earn points no matter how you interact with the program. 



Points can be redeemed for limited availability, first come, first serve, Airtime Minutes and Mobile Money Credits as well as travel discounts through SuiteBreak.


Why is Enterprise Group PLC offering me this free well-being program?

Your health and happiness is as important to us as it is to you. Enterprise Advantage Points is designed to help you stay on track when it comes to your well-being. It offers education and fun, interactive challenges in key areas, everything from eating healthier to planning for retirement. We're here to help you navigate life's transitions, like starting a family or getting a raise. The best part: You get to earn points, which you can redeem for limited-availability Airtime Minutes and Mobile Money Credits.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access Enterprise Advantage Points?

You will receive an email invitation from Babs. Be sure to add her email (enterpriseadvantagepoints@loyalty.life) to your address book so it doesn't get lost in your spam folder.

Is Enterprise Advantage Points a website or an App?

Both! You can take classes and track your steps via our website or on our iOS and Android App. Registration through the invitation is the first step. After you've set up your Enterprise Advantage Points account, you'll receive an email with the Mobile app information.

Why is it free?

We know the word “free” can cause skepticism, but Enterprise Advantage Points really is available at no cost to you. Why? Long-term, our goal is to enhance our relationship with you.

Who is Zinnia?

Zinnia is a technology company developing customer engagement and well-being tools for the insurance industry. Enterprise Group PLC partnered with Zinnia to bring their best-in-class wellness rewards platform to valued customers like you.

Is Enterprise Advantage Points different from other well-being offerings?

Yes, in quite a few ways! First, Enterprise Advantage Points is 100% free and aimed at helping you achieve a better life by focusing on your goals. Second, all of our “classes” deliver content from highly regarded sources and subject matter experts. Best of all, we condense everything into digestible, actionable, and fun-to-read sessions. This way, you get the high-quality information you need in a format that doesn’t waste your precious time.

What kind of classes do you offer?

Our library of content covers three areas of well-being: Finance, Health and Fitness, and Mindset. Our extensive library of classes and content helps you better manage all areas of your life, from unplanned expenses, fitting in exercise, and balancing work and family. In one session, you might take the class “Retirement Planning in Your 30s and 40s” to learn action steps most pertinent to where you are in your life. (Past your 30s? Don’t worry we have retirement education for you, too!) In another, you might enjoy  “Happiness Challenge: Five Days of Gratitude,” which is a short and sweet collection of lessons from a popular, semester-long course at Yale. New classes are added to the program and communicated to you regularly.